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Export Services for Zendesk

Automated Zendesk Export

  • Supported Entities
    Help Desk: Replies & Notes, Agent profiles and data, Agent Groups and Customers, Organization lists and info, Tickets and Attachments.Knowledge Base: Folders and Article with Images, Categories, Attachments and Tags.
  • Data Relationship Remained The Same
    Our export wizard will ensure that all your records maintain connections during the transition process.
  • Custom Fields Mapping Made Easy
    Move all your default and custom ticket fields, as wel as match them up to make sure the info transitions correctly.
  • Demonstration First, Migration Second
    Don't go in blind, check out our demo and see how things work first hand. No credit card required.
  • No Extra Costs
    You don't have to pay for attachments or comments as these are unlimited and free with our service
  • Get Price Estimates Now
    Grab your price right after the free test. You will get an exact cost for exporting data from Zendesk.

Starts at only $1

All price estimates are based on the number of records that you have in the Zendesk account you're migrating from.

Custom Export from Zendesk

  • All Automated Services+
  • Custom Record Transfers
    While our tool can do a lot, some things have to be moved manually. This is where this service comes in handy.
  • Advance Filtering Engine
    Filter all your data the way you sit fit.
  • More Export Options
    Migrate data to a source that isn't supported by our tool.
  • Extended QA Across The Board
    To make sure everything goes extra smooth, we monitor each and every process
  • Personal Account Manager
    We value your time and patience, hence why we always assign an agent who will help you out.

Starts at only $599

Each package comes with a fixed price. However, the price can increase depending on the number of special requests.

Retrievement of the Latest Tickets

If you have your Zendesk up and running during the export, you will surely receive new tickets. Don’t cope them by hand. We can automatically relocate them.

Repeated Export

We can format all migrated data and repeat the export with different conditions. This will give you a clean start and the most relevant data in the new help desk.

Setting Up The New Help Desk For You

We will configure, readjust, and even transform your help desk so that it would meet your company's needs and requirements.

Integration of Support Essentials

There is no denying that without integration, help desk systems are limited. Our expert will help you integrate and configure everything so you don't have to!

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