How to Figure out Zendesk Export Price?

Data migration done automatedly spares you time and expenses. With Zendesk Export, you can see transparent pricing where the final receipt depends on the volume of information you want to export by starting a Free Demo to check the exporting tool and learn how much your data migration will cost.

You get 20 tickets and 20 knowledge base articles exported to see: How they settle on your desired help desk system; What migration adjustments you require; Whether your exporting settings require some updates.
With Zendesk Export, you choose the records for migration and pay only for those entities. If you want to filter records and don’t export, tune up the migration process to your organization’s needs, or do some customization, you can buy these options separately.
The service has clear pricing. You choose the added changes to a default importing process or support service plan to meet your specific requirements without overpaying.
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How Does Zendesk Export pricing work?

Amount of data

The migration price is determined by the volume of information (tickets, agents, groups, companies, etc.) you require to export to the desired system.

Extra Options

Improve your help desk export with extra features to enhance your data transfer.

Custom work

Sort your data, align the import process, and match record fields as needed.

Why Do Companies Around the World Prefer Zendesk Export?

Migration costs
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Faster data transfer

Recommended by help desk vendors
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<p> The transition was made easy. The service was excellent, during all the steps of the transition we felt taken care of and monitored perfectly. </p>
Gauthier Escorbiac
Gauthier Escorbiac Supervisor of Customer Service at Thule group

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