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Migrating our Zendesk data was an absolutely seamless experience.
We had a very complex case because we had over 200 000 tickets, and the team of Zendesk export just made it much easier. The support manager assisted us throughout the whole process and really walked us step by step.
Doing it by ourselves would not have been not cost effective
The service was excellent, the pricing and process were clear. Support was excellent! Even though it took us two months to pull the trigger, support was always there to help us out.
Jason Curtis
Jason Curtis General Manager at vinSUITE
Just Brilliant. Complete no brainer, excellent service
The automation element was spot on. The migration took around 6 hours but I just had to eyeball it every now and again.
Phil Williams
Phil Williams Customer Success Manager at QikServe Limited
Use Zendesk import tool to save your time, money and resources.
The migration process was smooth. Our support manager was excellent at leading the charge.
Great tool and an amazing support team!!
Great tool and an amazing support team!! We had a huge migration (100k+ issues) and everything went smoothly. Awesome job guys!
Guilherme Jacondino
Guilherme Jacondino Software Consultant at e-Core
It’s certainly worth it as it saved me hours or writing a migration script
The migration went well - our support manager was on hand to personally ensure the process went smoothly for us. Everything was clear, and the sample migration helped us decide this was a product we could trust.
Ross Beale
Ross Beale Technical Director at Airbyte
Holy cow - that was easy!
Holy cow - that was easy! Thank you so much and thank you for being on-call for support - that was really nice.
Tracy Flood
Tracy Flood CEO & Co-founder at Broad Street
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