Moving Data from Zendesk to QuickBase

Switching from Zendesk to your QuickBase obviously requires some preparation before the actual process. It may appear to be easy, but data migration is a complex process that might result in the loss of information if you’re not watchful. However, if you experience troubles transferring your data from Zendesk to your QuickBase, we can help make the transfer more simple.

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Lack of IT or Tech Support Crew

The transition method you choose is important as it can affect the success of the transfer. It’s best to apply the most reliable method, or you run the risk of losing data.

In addition to that risk, you cannot make certain that your tech support staff will be able to carry out such a difficult task.

Yes, the most noticeable challenge businesses deal with is the lack of practice in terms of the technical support team as it pertains to the import process.

Congested Help Desk Providers

When organizations out there don’t have the time to monitor the migration process, they may look out for support from help desk software providers.

Although, help desk software suppliers usually don’t want to share their own personnel to help you leave their help desk to another one. This makes transitioning essential data to another help desk even more complicated.

The Risk of Manual Transition

The other option is a money-saver as you can also complete the full transition yourself and save every penny creating a file with all of your records.

Although, there’s a probability that the developed CSV file might have the wrong formatting. As a result, your QuickBase will not be able to read it.

Of course, you can try restructuring all of it alone but there’s an even bigger possibility that you can make everything corrupt or much worse.

Why Make Zendesk Export Difficult?

Moving data from Zendesk to your QuickBase should not puzzle your company. We understand the needs of businesses and why they require risk-free and successful data export. And we can help you complete an successful transfer of information and continue your work as soon as possible.

Export from Zendesk to QuickBase

Here is How We Can Serve Your Company

We have been helping organizations export their data to other help desks for quite some time.

So, we’re experienced in the process and the quirks one must deal with for a successful migration more than anyone.

Our application for an automated exportation process handles the many of tasks and has the following pros:

Time Saver

You won’t have to stop looking at your screen and desiring the progress bar to move on. Continue running your business like it’s a ordinary weekday.There’s no need to spend hours to regulate each action by yourself.

Unlimited Testing

We recognize that you need your data in safety. Most help desks have backups, but we don’t want you to fall back upon that. With unlimited demo tryouts, you can request trial runs to determine any issues and deal with them before the migration.

Successful Data Exchange

Using our automated tool, you won’t need to wait for a script or code to be written. With the help of our migration tool, you just have to send a request and then receive a ready-to-use solution for your migration.

100% Ticket Integrity

Migrate every ticket with all the information intact. Our migration app works perfectly that ticket corrupting is close to unreal. The automated process undergoes checking and balancing on a regular basis.

Our Company Guarantees

Privacy and Confidentiality

All personal information you provide to us will be kept strictly confidential and far from prying eyes. Be sure, your passwords and other private information will be protected. We’ll only exploit your data during the transition process.

Committed Support Team

We have our dedicated team members always ready to assist you with any queries you might have. We can also walk you through the operation and stay with you until everything is as planned.

100% Data Integrity

Our automatic tool is constantly checked and updated to meet your needs. Transfer data swiftly with no data loss.

What you can migrate

That the list is generalized and may differ depending on your target platform

Help Desk Objects
  • Tickets

    with replies, notes and attachments

  • Contact
  • Companies
  • Agents
  • Agents Groups
Knowledge Base Objects
  • Articles

    with images and attachments

  • Categories
  • Folders

Automatic Zendesk Export – How it Functions


Preparing Before the Process

Getting ready is the essential step of successful help desk transfer. Firstly, you will need to access your QuickBase and set up agent profiles and custom fields there. If there are other things you should do, our team members will inform you.


Connecting Zendesk

You’ll need to provide us with your Zendesk login info to be able to conduct the transition. This is obligatory so that our tool can request data from your Zendesk.


Linking QuickBase

In the similar way, certain credentials from your target help desk platform will be asked for to continue the transition. Thus, our tool can connect both accounts for the data migration process.


Controlling Data Transport

You can pick out which records you want to migrate and set them to be migrated to the QuickBase. You can follow the data migration process to be completed as you wish.


Demo Run

We highly suggest that you execute a test run before the real process. For this purpose, we offer our Free Demo Migration. Exploiting this trial tool, you can migrate a small number of tickets which you can then examine to be sure of acquiring the right result.


Migrating to QuickBase

Lastly, when you’re satisfied with the trial run, it’s time to start out moving data to your new platform. Pick an off-peak period when your support agents aren't too busy and start the exporting process. [/spin]

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Automated Data Migration

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